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Mil $ li an airez Productions
Mil $ li an airez Productions
Mil $ li an airez Productions
What makes a great writer?
A good writer, just places words on paper. 
    A great writer brings words to life, telling a story that will enhance, change, and illuminate your life. With one read, you are forever effected. 
   My types of writing are:
Fiction - Nonfiction
Poetry - Scripts
Autobiography - Biography
Crime - Drama
TV - Film - Health
Women's Interest
Religious - Spiritual
Short Stories - Suspense
Positive - Serious

    I am a great, talented, trained writer. Graduated from Long Ridge Writers Group, with honors from my instructor. This school only acccepts one out of every hundred after taking a test to qualify.
When I write, words literally come alive.

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      This is one of the best books I read in the past year. It's about a young woman who falls in love, then gets married to the pastor of a church. It seems to be the perfect life at first with her soul mate, the pastor, until he reveals his dark side and things begin to change for the worse. The story also gives you the inside information on the church lifestyle that the author experienced when she was married to the pastor. The "First Lady" had some very low points during her time with the pastor and you just can't wait to read what happens next. This brave woman could have just given up when she was low but instead used her inner strength to bring her back on top today. "First Lady" is a book for all and is an inspiration for everyone never to "give up" even when dealing with life's problems.