Mil  $  li  an  airez   Productions
Mil  $  li  an  airez   Productions
Mil  $  li  an  airez   Productions
Mil  $  li  an  airez   Productions
Every invention starts out as an idea,                         a thought.
Opportunities are open for you to become a partner!

Only contact if you are seriously interested in hard work for millionaire status.

Just work hard anyway, it might as well count for something.

There is room for many ideas that are great enough to make millions.
You are welcome to bring your own for a look-see.
                 in operation
       I am a licensed inventor!
Then, that idea/thought, is worked into a drawing and prepared for          prototype.
I, Toieyua Mianette and CEO of
Mil  $  li an airez Productions,
    already has the ball rolling.
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Feel free to contact me if you are interested in production. Contact if you are an agent.       
                 Ty, God Bless!
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Position available for seamstress/seamster.
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Investors contact e-mail for info. on paypal. Ty for your support, the ability to see M.P. vision, and to know an awesome opportunity that has been provided.
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